Can’t Sleep

It’s 12:33 AM as I type this, coming from a short “nap” I had a few minutes earlier. I was trying to sleep early so I could fix my body clock with the hopes that I could properly schedule my daily routine and try to stay healthy. But…I think this is going be such a challenge.

Other than that, I have really been feeling quite low these days, apart from the fact that I have been feeling down since quarantine started. I know we all are, aren’t we?

Insecurity is also eating me up these days. All the more when I was browsing through my IG Story archive earlier and came across this January 2018 series of IG Stories pictures of me with texts I am not enough x 1M“, And suddenly, this huge wave of dread, trauma, and sadness came rushing right back at me…in my chest.

UGH. Sometimes, I just really want to disappear.

I’ll try to sleep again while crying, maybe that’ll work.


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